La Dispensa Srl, as manufacturer and owner of the Florinda brand, was established more than 30 years ago, arising from the stellar intuition of its founder and current Director, Rodolfo Punzo. With its headquarters still located in Bellusco (in the Province of Monza and Brianza), the company has always linked its origins to the city of Milan, with the capital city being one of the top markets in which the company began to introduce its products.


Having realised the great potential of this type of product, the company began to focus its development on soap, immediately seeing that this would become its most representative product. 

Its success was immediate, almost unexpected. The delicate and intense perfume, the vivacious packaging and focus on even the smallest details are all conducted without ever losing sight of the original goal, being to produce cosmetics in complete respect for nature. These are just some of the ingredients that explain the huge success of this product. But it takes no time at all to realise that Florinda soap is much more than just the scent and packaging – Florinda soaps have an impact on one’s sentiments, being the inspiration behind the slogan, “The Scent of Emotions” that still today accompanies the official logo.


The company continues its operations at its headquarters in Bellusco (MB).

The structure extending over 1500 square metres includes warehouse, offices and the soap production site.
Today, Florinda is one of the most recognised brands in the world of vegetable soap, both in Italy and abroad.
On the national scene, the company supplies its products to more than 2,000 points of sale, including pharmacies, herbalist shops and organic perfumeries. Abroad, it boasts collaboration contracts with the most important perfume and pharmacy chains in Europe and the world, distributing its products in over 20
different countries.


Florinda soaps are exclusively MADE IN ITALY.

Where possible, all raw materials are of certified Italian origin, just like all Florinda line laboratories. This guarantees better preservation of the original active ingredients and allows the company to create genuine Italian soaps of superior quality.

Respect for the environment remains an essential value of our business. In the various stages of processing, the use of biodegradable raw materials of plant origin is preferred.

All packaging is made of chlorine-free bleached paper and eco-friendly and fully recyclable Reboard.


La Dispensa is ISO 22716:2007 certified (with GMP certification, or Good Manufacturing Production), guaranteeing compliance with the strictest quality standards throughout all processing phases, from the raw materials to the finished product.

All products are tested to ensure their effectiveness and high tolerability. However, no animal tests are conducted either on the finished product nor the individual ingredients.