Made in Italy quality
since 1987

“Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking.”

This is how the American Henry Ford personally interpreted the concept of quality. And quality is the North Star that guides us in the production of our soaps each day, without compromises. Produced entirely in Italy, Florinda soaps have an extensive history of tradition and respect for the oldest art of production. Obtained through the method of cold saponification that preserves all of the qualities of the raw materials used, our soaps are excellent for daily cleansing and suitable for all skin types. The fine vegetable soap base results in a delicate and pleasant texture.

100% plant based soap

Our soaps are made without the use of ingredients of animal origin

Low environmental impact

All of the raw materials used in our soaps come from cultivations that respect the environment and the natural harvest cycles

Vegan ok

Our soaps are made without the use of ingredients of animal origin

Dyes free

All of our soaps come from formulations without synthetic dyes, thus resulting in a product that is more natural and respectful of both the environment and the skin

Eco friendly

Florinda soaps are entirely recyclable and packaged with eco-friendly wrapping that is bleached without chlorine

EDTA free

All of our formulations are free from EDTA, a sequester broadly used in the cosmetic industry yet which is highly polluting to the seas