Florinda, the Fragrant Blossom


At the heart of our brand lies the  presence of Florinda—an ethereal figure who personifies our unwavering love for nature and its fragrances. She is a  symbol of our deep-rooted connection to the natural world, a guardian of its fragrant wonders.

We embarked on this journey with Florinda in mind, and her essence permeates everything we do. Her fragrant allure, as depicted in her vibrant blooms and aromatic tresses, embodies the very soul of our brand.

Our mission is to celebrate Florinda’s aromatic wisdom. Through meticulously crafted soaps and personal beauty products, we invite you to indulge in self-care that aligns seamlessly with the captivating scents of the natural world. Each creation pays homage to her and the fragrant treasures she represents.

As you explore our range, you’ll discover skincare collections infused with the essence of blossoms and soaps that evoke the sweetest of nature’s fragrances. These products are not merely cosmetics but an invitation to a sensory journey—one that rekindles your connection to nature and allows you to rediscover your true, fragrant self.

Welcome to a world where nature’s fragrant gifts meet personal beauty, guided by Florinda, our fragrant guardian. Join us as we celebrate the aromatic symphony of the Earth and embark on a journey toward authentic and sustainable elegance.


From Nature,
For Nature,
With Nature

With this sentence, we could summarize the story of a passion, a life, a profession and a company.

A passion that comes from the deep respect I have for nature, from the awareness of its importance for our existence and from the concrete commitment to safeguard it and that of the entire planet.

La Dispensa, the company I founded 35 years ago and which I still manage is driven by a single goal: to offer a real and tangible contribution towards the protection of nature also in terms of beauty and well-being.

Rodolfo & Giacomo Punzo

An all natural success story...

Florinda was born from the passion for natural cosmetics, made of manual craftsmanship combined with innovative production techniques, from the commitment of a family that has dedicated itself for decades to the creation of rigorously Made in Italy quality soap manufacturing, personal cleansing and skincare products.

The idea was born in 1987 when the founder Rodolfo Punzo decided to transform his company from a being a local distributor becoming the first and only soap manufacturer in Milan.

The company immediately draws attention to itself becoming recognizable on the market for the creativity of its packaging, skilfully designed by hand, with that care that is put only into things to which special value is given. Just the love for manual work, for the attention to detail and for the raw materials of natural extraction was the spark that made the first steps in the world of soap production, beauty and personal care products.

This is how the first collections of natural and sustainable printing were born, which from the very beginning find their foundations in nature itself, through the choice of selected and certified ingredients, the production methods in a holistically green perspective and ethical company dynamics with suppliers and partners .

...and its evolution in complete body care product lines

Initially focused on the production of cold-processed soaps, FLORINDA has thence added complete and very successful body, skincare,fragrances and home product collections to its core business.

Thanks to many trips abroad, a source of great inspiration for the creation of the collections, and profound research into the best  Italian suppliers of natural ingredients, FLORINDA was able to create a range of specific proposals researched and developed with respect for the environment and nature itself.

Over the years and thanks to the study of the market and trends in certified ingredients as well as the acquisition of increasingly advanced machinery, the company has been able to export its products to over 40 countries, guaranteeing recognition and trust on the part of of the most attentive consumers at an international level.


FLORINDA is an ISO 22716:2007 (GMP, Good Manufacturing Production) certified company. That is, it makes use of this certificate attributed to companies operating in the cosmetic sector respecting rigorous quality and safety standards throughout the entire production cycle.




in Italy

We create luxurious scented soaps and beauty products with a passion for quality and sustainability. Our mission is to elevate everyday routines with sensory pleasure.

Join us on this journey by sharing your details.

We create luxurious scented soaps and beauty products with a passion for quality and sustainability. Our mission is to elevate everyday routines with sensory pleasure.

Join us on this journey by sharing your details.